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Ava Jules' Try On Spring Clothing Haul

7 min 2 sec

Raven Elyse's Try On Clothing Haul

4 min 39 sec

Olivia Jade's Affordable Try-On Spring Clothing Haul

10 min 14 sec

Lindsay Marie's Summer Try On Clothing Haul

11 min 51 sec

Kayleigh Noelle's Try On Clothing HAUL, Forever21, LuLu's

10 min 2 sec

Sarah Thistle's Spring Try-On Clothing Hau, Forever 21, Sephora

11 min 51 sec

Try On Clothing Haul

When brands talk about working with influencers, the best way to work with them is through try-on hauls because of the scope of the influencers through social networks. Nevertheless, to get a full benefit from this method is necessary to know what exactly a try-on haul is. In simple words, a try-on haul is when an influencer receive a large package of clothing or accessories from a brand or a variety of brands and creates a video sharing those products with their community.