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Fashion House

A daily prime-time soap opera about the scandalous people in the glamorous world of fashion centers on an empire run by the all-powerful Maria Gianni.


Set in the world of the cutthroat fashion industry, a ruthless mogul (Derek) defends her company against a hostile takeover.

Previous Episodes
Season 1, Episode 62
In the series finale, Gloria is poised to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Harold and Hans seek revenge against their former employer; destiny smiles on Luke; and a figure from the past impacts the proceedings.
Season 1, Episode 61
As Lance happens upon a perilous situation, destiny rips apart Michael and Nikki. Elsewhere, Lexi suffers from self-inflicted hardship; and Sophia and William show Tania their gratitude.
Season 1, Episode 60
Luke faces the hypocrisy that marked his life.
Season 1, Episode 59
Luke digs up clues to a mystery, but Lance and Michelle may ultimately hold the key to solving it.
Season 1, Episode 58
The Gianni fashion show is the scene of a tragic turn of events.
Season 1, Episode 57
As William negotiates with Maria, Luke's ire toward his mother escalates. Meanwhile, Sophia exploits Tania's vulnerability.
Season 1, Episode 56
As Michael discloses a secret, Maria's malicious machinations result in violence.
Season 1, Episode 54
Lexi seeks a new investor. In other events, Luke approaches William.
Season 1, Episode 53
Luke faces off against Maria. Meanwhile, Nikki gets involved in a dangerous situation.
Season 1, Episode 52
Congressman Spangler is haunted by his past, resulting in monetary problems.
Season 1, Episode 51
While Michelle and Lexi orchestrate an alternate plan, Luke gets a big surprise.
Season 1, Episode 50
The heat is on as Maria and Sophia's fiery feud escalates. Meanwhile, troubling circumstances unsettle William.
Season 1, Episode 49
Lance gives Off. Conti an ultimatum. In other events, an unexpected arrival at Michelle's fashion show impacts the event.
Season 1, Episode 48
Maria gains an advantage by exploiting Dr. Woods' unethical practices, as a big surprise awaits William and Sophia.
Season 1, Episode 47
Michelle's attempt to rekindle a latent romance could go up in smoke. Meanwhile, pressures test Lance and Eddie's partnership.
Season 1, Episode 46
Michelle crosses swords with Lance. In other events, Maria digs up intriguing facts about Dr. Woods.
Season 1, Episode 45
Maria reveals a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Michelle unearths truths about Lance.
Season 1, Episode 44
As Nikki corners William, Michelle and Luke must make monumental choices.
Season 1, Episode 43
Maria revels in victory---but soon discovers that good fortune can be fleeting.
Season 1, Episode 42
Sophia and William's scheme escalates. In other events, Tania wreaks havoc with her boozy behavior.
Season 1, Episode 41
Fate turns perilous for some, while lies and deceit bring down others.
Season 1, Episode 40
Maria continues her quest to keep Michelle and Luke apart.
Season 1, Episode 39
Nikki reveals a shocking secret. Elsewhere, Gloria's efforts to protect Michelle come back to haunt her.
Season 1, Episode 38
A piece of artwork causes friction between Michelle and Luke.
Season 1, Episode 37
A firestorm erupts around Luke, who enrages both Michelle and Maria. Meanwhile, an introspective Gloria ruminates on the choices she has made, and Lance seeks something that was once his.
Season 1, Episode 36
Bad blood spreads between Maria and William. Elsewhere, an unexpected visitor greets Nikki.
Season 1, Episode 35
As Tania displeases Maria, William and Sophia join forces for a new challenge.

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Fashion House

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