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What Not to Wear

Two fashion stylists and a team of hair and makeup advisers help revamp the look of individuals who have been nominated by their friends for makeovers due to their lamentable appearance, using a $5,000 budget.


Fashion disasters should be handled by the professionals. Enter style experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, who pledge to rescue the frumpy and dumpy, the mismatched and ill-flattered, and give them a life-changing fashion makeover.

With the help of top-notch stylists and a budget of $5,000, this program will provide life-changing fashion intervention to people nominated by friends/family as someone who desperately needs a style overhaul! TLC secretly films the fashion offender to catch them in their natural environment so the stylists can evaluate their fashion foibles. Then, the host and stylists confront the person and reveal their plan to teach them 'What Not to Wear.' The team then sorts through the person's current wardrobe, exposes them to a literal 360-degree view of themselves, and provides them with rules for maximizing their best assets and personal style. Armed with these guidelines and $5,000, the person hits the shops. After a consultation with the fashion stylists on these new clothing choices, along with a dramatic hair and makeup revamp, viewers will see a complete transformation and a stunning reveal.

Previous Episodes
Season 10, Episode 24
In the series finale, Stacy and Clinton go on the road to check up on past participants in the show, and wind up at a farewell party in Las Vegas, where they find one more fashion-challenged candidate wandering around in the Venetian Hotel.
Season 10, Episode 23
Stacy and Clinton answer fan mail and discuss how the show is made.
Season 10, Episode 22
A 39-year-old woman who wears animal hats and knee-highs may need a more mature wardrobe if she wants to fulfill her wish to be in a serious relationship.
Season 10, Episode 21
A dedicated animal lover has pets that have nicer outfits than she does, so Stacy and Clinton help her pay closer attention to her own wardrobe.
Season 10, Episode 20
A makeover for twins turns into a competition between Stacy and Clinton when they try to create individual styles for these sisters who lead separate lives but dress in the same frumpy manner.
Season 10, Episode 19
A woman's teen-style wardrobe consists of ripped jeans, hoodies, cartoon T-shirts and oversize coats, so Stacy and Clinton step in to change her attire and give her confidence before she meets her online boyfriend for the first time.
Season 10, Episode 18
A woman's skimpy outfits draw negative attention and kept her from joining the family business, so Stacy and Clinton try to find her a more mature wardrobe.
Season 10, Episode 17
A single mom and business owner frequently wears a frog costume to promote her catering company, so Stacy and Clinton try to find her a more sophisticated style.
Season 10, Episode 16
Stacy and Clinton list their Top Ten rules for the fundamentals of style.
Season 10, Episode 15
A tomboy who wears camouflage is advised to accept a style that's more appropriate for her age and body type.
Season 10, Episode 14
A busy stage mom whose wardrobe consists of short skirts, haphazard layers and boots seeks a more polished style.
Season 10, Episode 13
Stacy and Clinton help three friends whose fashion blunders include, respectively, clothes that are too tight, too frumpy and too bohemian.
Season 10, Episode 12
A woman's floral shirts and unfashionable jeans embarrass her family, so she searches for a more sophisticated style.
Season 10, Episode 11
A former beauty queen seeks an alternative to her current wardrobe of large, loose-fitting clothing for her plus-size body.
Season 10, Episode 10
A working mother of five who likes tight clothes to show off her cleavage needs a more age-appropriate wardrobe for her career.
Season 10, Episode 9
Former "Family Ties" star Tina Yothers, now married with children, hopes to update her frumpy wardrobe to a more fashionable one.
Season 10, Episode 8
Shannon Elizabeth ("American Pie") wants to leave her sex-kitten image behind to dress like a mature, responsible adult.
Season 10, Episode 7
A transgender woman seeks a style that accentuates her inner female.
Season 10, Episode 6
A woman who has worked at a clothing store for teens for eight years seeks a more age-appropriate wardrobe.
Season 10, Episode 5
A working mom who's devoted to her family and happy in pajamas is encouraged to pay more attention to herself and cultivate a sophisticated wardrobe.
Season 10, Episode 4
Stacy and Clinton help an overachieving scientist swap her comfortable clothes for a smarter, cleaner look.
Season 10, Episode 3
A "Jersey Shore" wannabe needs a new wardrobe to help her career and romantic prospects.
Season 10, Episode 2
Former "Baywatch" lifeguard Nicole Eggert wants a more mature style that accentuates her figure.
Season 10, Episode 1
In the Season 10 premiere, 1980s pop singer Tiffany nominates herself to find a new look.

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What Not to Wear

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