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It would not be wrong to say that in the last few years, TV shows have turned out to be the main center of attraction in terms of the fashion focusing timeline. And in making it tremendous popular, TV shows on fashion has definitely played one of the huge roles. Therefore, let’s make you list down the top and popular fashion TV shows you must watch for!

  1. Project Runway
    This TV show on fashion is not just popular among the ordinary fashion lovers, but it has been watched by every single aspiring fashion designer as once in a lifetime. This TV show is hosted by the former supermodel Heidi Klum and TV personality Tim Gunn. This TV show has been all featuring off with the upcoming and latest fashion concepts and designs to bring an incredible change in the fashion thoughts.
  2. America's Next Top Model
    On the next, how can we miss out mentioning with the name of America’s next top model! This show is completely based on the real concept that is featuring the contestants as competing with one another to prove as the supermodel. It adds on with the photo shoots as well as CoverGirl commercials that are worth to watch out for. ANTM is still taken to be one of the most know fashion-focused TV shows today.
  • Sex and the City
    Next, on the list of most popular fashion TV shows, we would be mentioning the name of Sex and the City. This show is run by the illustrious sex columnist turned Vogue writer named as Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie Bradshaw experiences the fashion style statements with her three friends Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.
  • Fashion Police
    The fashion police are one such fashion TV show that is all about experts critiquing on the fashion mistakes. This show is run by Giuliana Rancic and her fashion experts. They add the experts critique straight away into the most fashionable and yet with the not so fashionable moments of celebrity fashion. Starting from the red carpet and ending with the appearances in the parties, the Fashion Police team takes into account with each single of the detail.
  • Gossip Girl
    Let’s not just waste any more time and talk about Gossip Girl! This fashion TV show is known as the most fashionable TV show around teenagers and young adults. The characters of the show are being friends with one another but each one of them has different style statements. They have their own fashion collections as created after Blair Waldorf’s signature looks.

    Well, there are so many of the top known fashion TV shows that have remarkably made a known place in the entertainment TV world for best in the details of fashion. Our list even adds the names of Pretty Little Liars, The Royal and Mad Men and so on. To have a clear more know-how about the latest fashion trends and style statements, start watching these popular fashion TV shows right now!
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